A Guideline to Content Ideation

Over the years, content has been churned out like food from local eateries; brazen, bare and underseasoned. Exquisite content, on the other hand, has distinguished itself for its flavour, innovation and experimentation.

There are various layers to good content, and it is important to devote time and attention to each one. If you’re not sure where to start, consider aligning your content elements to a simple guideline.

Put Together a Mood Board

Not every idea may turn into a post, but recording each one is important, regardless. A mood board can help you make headway in your ideation routine. Where there is a mood board, there is a vision.


When all ideas seem like good ideas, brainstorming helps to streamline the ideation process. Include two or more people to help define important parameters. Too many cooks spoil the broth, so make sure to pick the right mix.


Put on your thinking cap and assemble necessary data. This will help you compare your standpoint with your competitors’ and answer the most pressing question: how do successful brands write content so effortlessly?

Identify the Right Idea

Identify the most viable ideas and lay them down as a foundation. Build atop this by gathering inspiration to make your idea more relevant and poignant.

Draft the Idea

The penultimate step to creating exceptional written content is putting a final idea down on paper. This will help to refine it and eliminate inconsistencies.

Invest Resources

Finally, invest your resources to finetune the content to your audience’s tastes and preferences. It’s important to balance what the audience looks for in your content and what you wish to serve them.

By fitting your content within this guideline, you can temper your content effortlessly and serve up a palatable, audience-friendly platter.



By mangomonk

A sunny content studio located in Bangalore.