The Perks of Updating Your Blog Frequently

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Think of blogging as an ultramarathon. Without a routine, a sporadic schedule can be rather meaningless. Likewise, If you’re waiting on a blue moon to update your blog, chances are, you’re being forgotten in the interim windows. Here’s why updating your blog frequently is a good idea.

Stronger SEO

When content on blogs is updated frequently, it is more likely to appear on the first page of search engines.

Even Google loves a good update.

Google uses its web bots to constantly look for fresh content to add to its index. Adding relevant keywords to your blog will ensure it isn’t blown into an oblivion that is the remainder of the search result pages.

Fresh Content

Once you’ve got an audience, generate new and interesting content every chance you get.

Sprinkle in creativity, garnish with ingenuity, and you’ll have fresh content that goes a long way.

When blogs are dry, readers tend to get disinterested. Be it in the form of images or words, ensure your content is up to date.

More Traffic

Sounds dismaying to the average commuter, but on your websites, more traffic is your mantra to success. Garner your readers’ interests, play to the Gods of networking, and your blog should see an increase in visitors with a genuine interest to read your blogs.


People will begin to trust your brand when you write consistently. Good quality content will attract loyal readers.

Loyalty can never be bought, and once you’ve established a strong readership, it’s easier competing with the bigger companies in the industry.

Often, the first steps are always the hardest, but once you’ve warmed up, you’re already a step ahead. If success is the finish line, a well-made blog will help you get there sooner.

By mangomonk

A sunny content studio located in Bangalore.