Content Elements to Weave Into Your Business Blog

In a world where attention spans are about as short as the tail end of a glorious Sunday evening, a superior blog can help you cut through the digital clutter.

Here are some tips you should be sure to add in your communication quiver when putting your business blog together.

Make Your Content Relatable

Relatability is a prominent thread that binds popular content on social media and digital platforms. A good way to forge personalised pathways with your audience is to tailor your content to make it unique. People love to read thoughts, expressions, ideas and feelings they’ve experienced. Think of your content strategy as a fabulous three-course meal. Take your time with the entrée, sampling trends and flavours that your audience likes. Then, move on to the main course, piecing customer preferences together on your promotional platter. Finally, for dessert, whip up a generous blog based on the selection of topics you’ve strung together.


Produce Interactive Content

If you struggle to create consistent written content for your blog, visuals and infographics as an easy way out. Infographics hold the key to interactive, easy-to-read content. What sticky notes are to your walls, infographics are to your mind.

Base Your Content on Purpose

Your content needs to contain a purpose and convey a message. Consider weaving your content around a campaign or theme to hold your story together. Purposeful content can help to build a better image for your brand.

Limit the Usage of Complex Words

A farrago of convoluted content can impel readers to spend an inordinate amount of time deciphering words.

Run that sentence through an interpreter and you’ll see that it could have been presented in a far easier way with far less effort. A complex combination of words draws readers away from the actual underlying message of a content piece. Limit your usage of complex words only to where it is necessary.

Infusing your business blog with well-crafted, relevant content can create new digital in-roads for your brand. All it takes is a little thought.




By mangomonk

A sunny content studio located in Bangalore.