5 Benefits of Outsourcing Content Creation

In recent times, many marketers have been diagnosed with a raging epidemic, resulting in anxiety, sleepless nights and hair loss. Doctors that conducted a study on a sample set found that the epidemic was being spurred on by an ingrained fear of marketing substandard content to customers.

The prescription was simple. Outsource content to content specialists, the doctors said. And Bippity Boppity Boo, the epidemic was cured.

Okay, no. So there was no endemic and no study; no doctors and no prescription. But the effort to churn out superior content was and is real, in almost every organisation. Fantastic content can transform a business, moulding perceptions, kindling curiosity and crafting a brand’s identity, word by word. And yet, many marketers are forever torn between creating content in-house and outsourcing it to a specialised agency.

Today, there is an upward trend in the number of companies that are choosing to outsource their content. With content specialists owning the content generation for clients, these firms are left to focus on their core competencies. There are several reasons why an organisation may choose to outsource content. We’ve picked out the top 5 for you.

You Spend Less

Now that we’ve got your attention, let us tell you how you can better your bottom line by outsourcing content. Content outsourcing can be lighter on your pocket than producing content internally. By cutting overheads such as benefits, training and salaries for full-time employees, you can save hard-earned money. Content agencies work on a project-wise basis, so you can channel funds towards projects when you want to. This also allows you to balance lean and busy content windows effectively.

You Get Expertly Created Content

By leveraging the expertise and skills of content-savvy experts, your marketing vehicles will take on a unique sheen. Content firms are known for an array of skills. Apart from effective writing, they are also adept at optimising written content with keywords and are often experts in specific fields and subjects.

You Save Time

Content firms are equipped to write content swiftly and can offer quick turnaround times, depending on the size of your project. This means that you can plan an intricate content calendar and stitch in its components later.

You Increase Engagement

Content firms are reflections of their writers. By sourcing compelling content from a specialist firm, you can build traction on your website and generate greater engagement with your audience. Content experts are also well-versed with how to fluidly pepper content with calls to action.

You Can Dabble in a Variety of Content Formats

By leaving content creation to the experts, you can broaden your content offerings across spheres. For instance, if you have always restricted your content reach to social media, consider adding a blog section to your website. This can help you gain traffic, as well as cater to a wider audience across platforms. The bonus? Since a single firm is binding your content together through a standard tone and style, you can establish a unique voice for your firm. Standardisation, check.

If you haven’t already got a content strategy in place for your firm, it isn’t too late. Create a calendar that mirrors your brand’s philosophy, identity and ethos. It’s incredible how the right words can drive your brand. Begin here.




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